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If You already are a member of KKMA, please get involved.
Welcome to KKMA Membership. There are various ways to get involved with KKMA. The KKMA encourages every member to participate and become active with the work performed on behalf of members. There are various levels and ways to get involved. Please get in touch with your branch officials today and start enjoying benefits of a social worker.

Please encourage your friends and relatives to join us.

It is easy to join!

Please fill in a membership form available with any of our branch committees. Attach 2 personal photographs, KD 2 as membership fee for two working years and then submit it to any of our branch office bearers. We shall issue an Identification Card for you once your application is approved.
Membership Information
As at end December 2015, KKMA has over 14,700 members. Members hail from diverse backgrounds and serve to make up a unique combination to enhance the organization's ability to achieve its mission.
Who Can Join?
Membership in the organization is open to all Muslims who support the mission and meet both the ethical and moral criteria established. Generally, membership into the organization is by nomination of two existing members. However, persons who subscribe to the organization's mission may apply independently.
Membership Criteria
Currently the membership is granted only to NRIs living in Kuwait hailing from Kerala State and also the Malayalam speaking community of Dakshina Kannada of Karnataka Sate.
Membership Criteria
  • Applicant to submit a membership application along with two personal photographs and membership fee (KD 2.000 for two years) to KKMA branch committees.
  • Branch Committee review application and recommends to Central Membership Committee
  • Membership Committee approves the membership.
  • Membership committee issues Identification Card.
Membership Obligation
  • Possible volunteer service in KKMA sponsored programs/events or equivalent.
  • Contribution to Family Benefit Scheme and Members Welfare Scheme on time.
  • Service on sub-committees.
  • Attendance at general body meetings.
Interested to join? If yes, you need to:
  • Get a membership application from from our branch committee
  • Please fill in.
  • Attach two personal photographs and KD 2 as membership fee for two years.
  • Submit form to any of our branch committee office bearer.
Family Benefit Scheme(FBS)
KKMA has successfully planned and implemented its own Family Benefit Scheme (FBS) for the benefit of the organization's deceased family members. KKMA Family Benefit Scheme is a unique in its nature. As per the scheme, in the event of unfortunate death of a member, all remaining members shall contribute KD 0.350 to the fund within a certain period of the death of any of its members. It is a mandatory scheme in KKMA. All collected amount in a lump sum, approximately 8 to 10 lakh Indian Rupees are then paid to the family of the deceased member. So far the Association has successfully implemented 102 such schemes with the whole hearted support by its members.

KKMA also has a scheme to take responsibility to ensure basic education of the children of its members in the event of their death up to 12th standard. It's one more noble cause under the caption of "FBS Scholarship Scheme". Every year the payments have been remitted to the family to cover the expenses of their children's education cost..

Relief Cell
KKMA was in the forefront for resolving community concerns either financially or conveying matters to the concerned authority. The Association, also have established a Relief Fund for supporting the people for their need of the hour such as time of natural Tsunami affected compatriot in India And Kashmir Relief Fund & Garment Manufacturing Center self- employment venture, Drinking water Projects.
KKMA Investment Club
The Investment Club of Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association is a venture that KKMA launched in the year of 2006 aiming at inculcating saving habits among members by controlling unnecessary expenditures and save for their better future was supported by the large number of KKMA Members and shown their keen interest to become investor and care for other own future. It was seen as a bold step ahead and a rare initiative from a social organization. Under this scheme the members were encouraged to save as little as KD 10 per month for a period of 12 months. The Club has constructed two apartments building in partnership with experts in this field. & Collected Rent has been distributed among the shareholders as per their ownership contributions.
Students Education Scholarship(ESP)
KKMA's Student Scholarship program is evergreen. Recently KKMA has been aimed to 100 students on annum basis to provide scholarship and help them to achieve their dreams in their life of backward but brilliant students under ESP scheme for providing financial support to brilliant but poor student for pursuing their higher studies.

Besides the students financially support, KKMA is conducting annually student camps by inviting the students from the different parts of Kerala and Karnataka to its Student Camp. The camp will be held in association with the prominent educational institutions to provide the participants high level training on personality developments and learning skills along with the carrier guidance to cope up the emerging market conditions focusing the future on the mind.

Members Welfare Scheme
Well known as "MWS" among the KKMA Members is another noble Program for assisting its members in the hour of need. The organization was able to provide financial support to its members for emergency medical treatment in India and provide air ticket for returning home in difficult conditions, etc. So far the Association has successfully implemented 500 such cases.
Social Events
KKMA's all events are unique and popular with its own class of success by the mass acceptance and supported by the community. Listed below are the some of the main activities which conduct annually which is not limited but to presents factual to validate its presence in the society with amounts spent.

  • Zero Profit Kidney Dialysis Centers , KKMA Free dialysis; World kidney day celebration
  • Early detection center for heart diseases; Medical Assistance Program ; Medical Camp
  • Magnet - Hospital Visits
  • Housing Improvement Program
  • Religious Classes and Haj & Umrah Pilgrimage ; Ramadan Majlis
  • NRI Conference
  • Model NRI Projects
  • Defensive Driving Awareness
  • Annual Eid Milan Get together Program
  • Social Visits to Members and Donors
  • Drawing contest ; Cooking contest; Literary Awards
  • Sports and recreation activities' - SRA
  • Pension scheme- PS .
  • Workshop and Seminars - WS & Community leadership training - CLP
  • Life skills training for members and dependents -LS


Sl.No 2002-2004 2004-2006 2006-2008 2008-2010 2010-2012 2012-2014 2015-2016
1 ABBASIYA 473 771 1004 1126 1313 1745 1837
2 FARWANIYA 237 385 592 1002 1275 1876 2002
3 KHAITAN 211 450 515 493 526 561 591
4 HASSAWI   278 431 584 598 591 631
5 SABHAN 24 154 189 191 257 342 369
6 CITY 513 1057 1420 1761 1654 1904 1868
7 SALMIYA 269 284 357 523 667 795 812
8 JEHRA 130 235 310 415 509 627 679
9 HAWALLY 300 412 573 601 592 683 768
10 KARNATAKA 148 403 430 601 795 1225 1508
11 FAHAHEL 235 550 668 888 1077 1410 1826
12 ABUHALIFA   260 461 569 489 380 497
13 FINTAS         202 433 652
14 MAHBOULA       263 279 514 661
15 AHMADI 153 264 316 353 298 297 165
16 AL QURAIN   104 161 137 209 263  
2693 5607 7427 9507 10740 13646 14866

Membership Benefits

  • Family Benefit Scheme
  • Members Welfare Scheme
  • Educational Scholarship Program
  • Medical Assistance Program
  • Housing Improvement Program
  • Training & Development
  • Campaign and Seminars
  • Hajj & Umrah program
  • Religious Classes
  • Community Welfare activities
KDC Calicut
The first of its kind Center has been open in Calicut in the month of July 2006 in association with IQRAA International Hospital and Research Center.
KDC Trichur
A second center started functioning at Daya General Hospital in Trichur in the month of August 2007.
KDC Malappuram
The third of its kind Center has been open in Malappuram in association with Nadakkavil Hospital - Valanchery.
KDC Kankanady
The fourth of its kind Center has been open in Mangalore in association with Highlan Hospital - Kankanady.
KDC Kasaragod
The fifth of its kind Center has been open in Kasaragod in association with Care Well Hospital - Nullipady.
KDC Trivandrum
The sixth of its kind Center has been open in Trivandrum in association with Al Arif Hospital - Ambalathara.
KDC Kannur
The seventh of its kind Center has been open in Kannur in association with MM Hospital - Pappnisseri.
KDC Kottayam
The eighth of its kind Center has been open in Kottayam in association with Paret Mar Ivanios Hospital - Kottayam.
KDC Mangalore
The ninth of its kind Center has been open in Mangalore in association with St. Father Muller Hospital - Kankanady.
KDC Wayanad
The tenth of its kind Center has been open in Wayanad in association with MES Hospital - Wayanad.
KDC Kundapur
The eleventh of its kind Center has been open in Karnataka in association with Vinaya Hospital - Kundapur.
KDC Alappuzha
The twelfth of its kind Center has been open in Alappuzha in association with Al Huda Hospital - Haripad.
EDC Kannur
In 2015 KKMA has initiated establishment of an Early Detection Center in Kerala and by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have opened the first EDC in the city of Kannur in August 2016.