How KKMA Works
There are various levels of governance of the KKMA – from elected office at the General Council to Branch Presidents in the filed. The groups that provide governance are:
General Council
The KKMA General Council of member delegates is the main governing body of the KKMA, which are Board of Trustees, Management Committee and the Executive Council. Policy and by laws of the Association are determined by the General Council.
Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees of KKMA is comprised of senior founding members of KKMA. The Board is responsible to develop standards of organizational behavior by which operations will be conducted by the elected Committees of the Association.
Investment Club
In the year 2004, the General Council of KKMA decided Board decided to form a separate body in view of additional strategic objectives that KKMA has undertaken. This includes but not limited to form an investment club to inculcate saving habits among members.
Management Committee
The Constitution and by-laws place full and complete authority for the direction of the Association.
Executive Council
The Executive Council is the authority to discuss and approve the activities directed by the Management Committee. EC is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all KKMA programs.
Divisions and Directorates
The Executive operates through a number of Departments and Directorates and ad hoc committees appointed by the General Council. Members from across the branch serve as members of these committees.
Ad hoc and special committees
Other ad hoc committees and special committees are set up on an as needs basis to deal with specific issues.
Zonal Committee
The Zonal Committee is comprised of branch officials in and provincial executives in each governerate. It is a decision making body that assists in directing the work of the association between branches. Governance of KKMA, in reality, has become a shard responsibility between the Zonal and Branch executive.
An effective and efficient Branch structure is essential to the success of any Association. Branches elect their own officers and executive, manage their own affairs subject to the by-laws of the Association. There are presently 15 branches of the KKMA.
List of current departments and directorates
The Finance Division of the KKMA is responsible for the administration of all funds of the Association. The division is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget for KKMA and the administration of this budget.
The Development Division coordinates skill development programs, continued education and other social development programs. Following departments works under Development Division.
  • Skill Development
  • Student Adoption
  • Social Development (Zakat Cell)
The Benefits Division plan and executes all programs for providing benefits for the members at large. This includes implementation of family benefit scheme, members welfare program and also helps implementing projects initiated by the Investment Club. Following departments works under Benefits Division.
  • Family Benefit Scheme
  • Members Welfare Scheme
  • Investment
Socio Cultural
The Socio Cultural Division is responsible for plan and execute programs that enhance relation between members and their families. Following departments works under SC Division.
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Literary
The Administration Division of the KKMA oversees the Membership Administration of KKMA. The Administration, through the Zonal Committees also has the responsibility to coordinate the work of all branches within KKMA and to ensure that the organization is responsive to the needs of the members. Following departments works under Administration Division.
  • Events
  • Sports
  • Literary
Community Services
The Community Services Division of the KKMA handles all types of Help and Services to the Community. Following departments works under CS Division.
  • Relief
  • Help
  • Religious

Membership Benefits

  • Family Benefit Scheme
  • Members Welfare Scheme
  • Educational Scholarship Program
  • Medical Assistance Program
  • Housing Improvement Program
  • Training & Development
  • Campaign and Seminars
  • Hajj & Umrah program
  • Religious Classes
  • Community Welfare activities
KDC Calicut
The first of its kind Center has been open in Calicut in the month of July 2006 in association with IQRAA International Hospital and Research Center.
KDC Trichur
A second center started functioning at Daya General Hospital in Trichur in the month of August 2007.
KDC Malappuram
The third of its kind Center has been open in Malappuram in association with Nadakkavil Hospital - Valanchery.
KDC Kankanady
The fourth of its kind Center has been open in Mangalore in association with Highlan Hospital - Kankanady.
KDC Kasaragod
The fifth of its kind Center has been open in Kasaragod in association with Care Well Hospital - Nullipady.
KDC Trivandrum
The sixth of its kind Center has been open in Trivandrum in association with Al Arif Hospital - Ambalathara.
KDC Kannur
The seventh of its kind Center has been open in Kannur in association with MM Hospital - Pappnisseri.
KDC Kottayam
The eighth of its kind Center has been open in Kottayam in association with Paret Mar Ivanios Hospital - Kottayam.
KDC Mangalore
The ninth of its kind Center has been open in Mangalore in association with St. Father Muller Hospital - Kankanady.
KDC Wayanad
The tenth of its kind Center has been open in Wayanad in association with MES Hospital - Wayanad.
KDC Kundapur
The eleventh of its kind Center has been open in Karnataka in association with Vinaya Hospital - Kundapur.
KDC Alappuzha
The twelfth of its kind Center has been open in Alappuzha in association with Al Huda Hospital - Haripad.
EDC Kannur
In 2015 KKMA has initiated establishment of an Early Detection Center in Kerala and by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have opened the first EDC in the city of Kannur in August 2016.