Social Projects


Dear esteemed well-wisher of KKMA, KKMA's charity projects is an opportunity for you to participate in a variety of charitable support events. Ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, we are proud to launch four (4) innovative social change projects to support poor brothers among us, members and non-members.
1. Early Detection Center for Heart Diseases (EDC)
2. Medical Assistance Program (MAP)
3. Housing Improvement Program (HIP)
4. Educational Scholarship Program (ESP)

These newly launched initiatives will cost us about KD 50,000 approximate for next two years. The fund is comprised of annually accumulated gifts from individuals like you and businesses.

As you are aware, KKMA has a successful track record of mobilizing community support. May it be our public programs or fund raising events we were blessed with great participation and encouragement by general public. Our social change projects such as zero profit Kidney Dialysis Centers, Family Benefit Schemes, Housing Support Scheme, and Educational Scholarship Programs were highly successful and blessings to a large number of deserving people.

KKMA Management Committee on behalf of its 14,000 plus members thank you for sharing your abundance with us. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and your blessings. May Allah protect you and bless you with you more prosperity and good health in life. Thank you again and look forward to your continued support. for KKMA Management Committee.


    A century earlier very few people used to die of heart diseases. In due course of time, heart diseases have become the number one global killer. Improper food habits and lack of physical activity coupled with high level of stress and increase in smoking and alcohol consumption makes us more prone to cardiovascular diseases.
    These diseases are a global health problem with no geographic, gender, or socioeconomic boundaries. Heart disease and stroke are the first and third leading causes of death in India.

    Good news is that the 80% of strokes can be prevented. Preventive care is an integral component for a long, healthy life. The KKMA's innovative Early Detection program shall offer important cardiovascular screenings free or at a low cost. These screenings can detect risk for heart attack, stroke and aneurysms. In their early stages, many cardiovascular diseases often have no symptoms and these screenings can help identify potential health issues.

    Our goal is to educate community about health risks and diseases while empowering them to make healthy lifestyle changes. The Early Detection Center shall offer a complete screening package with an 'actual cost' or 'subsidized cost' basis required to self-sustain the project.


    The Medical Assistance Program (MAP) for the treatment of poor patients who are suffering from major life threatening diseases. Under the said Program, the financial assistance not exceeding Rs.1.00 lakh will be sanctioned for the patient's treatment.

    It is initiative of KKMA to provide immediate financial assistance to underinsured patients with chronic disease, cancers or life altering conditions who cannot afford the expensive cost of surgeries and medications they need.

    In the treatment of chronic diseases, MAP desire partnering with renowned hospitals and obtain discounted services to MAP recipients. Whereas possible KKMA shall directly deal with the partnering hospital administration and manage the treatment payments.

    In the event of one-time treatment such as heart surgeries, the MAP shall provide one third of total treatment cost, whereas the hospital and the patient shall pay the remaining cost. Once established, MAP shall also seek collaboration with government either to treat in government hospital or financial support for deserving patients.


    Building even a basic house is beyond the usual scope of many of our brothers including NRIs!

    HIP, the Housing Improvement Program, is a home repair, renovation and replacement grant program administered by KKMA for families who have no immediate resource for standard housing. Under this scheme, KKMA shall provide support for:

    Interim Improvements: Provides up to Rs. 25,000 in housing repairs for conditions that threaten the health and/or safety of the occupants.
    Repairs and Renovation: Provides up to Rs. 50,000 in repairs and renovation to improve the condition of a homeowner's dwelling to meet minimum standard of housing as defined by the Committee.
    Replacement Housing or New Home: Provides up to Rs. 100,000 for construction of a new home if a homeowner's dwelling cannot be brought to applicable standards, or a new home.


    ESP, the Education Scholarship Program is a college-based educational support program where the organization sponsors education of backward but brilliant students' graduate initiatives. Through this program, members of the organization and individual sponsors support academic achievement among community.

    ESP is awarded to college or university students who demonstrate outstanding potential for long-range contribution to the society. The scholarship awards support tuition and related expenses and research activities and initiatives.

    Our aim this year is to provide scholarship for a minimum of 100 students which help them to achieve their dreams in life. Once selected, the student will remain in this scheme until they complete the studies subject to their educational performance in the current year.


    In October 2006, Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA) launched a new initiative to pioneer a new way of inculcating the habits of savings and investment amongst its members. The KKMA Investment Club was introduced to encourage saving habits among the Association members and it will help them to invest their hard-earned money jointly in viable projects. Under this scheme the members were encouraged to save as little as KD 10 per month for a period of 12 months.The Club is now engaged in investing in real estate projects in India and elsewhere.

    KKMA Investment Club

    KKMA INVESTMENT CLUB (IC) is an interest free investment system promoted by Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association (KKMA).


    Our goal is to encourage the financial empowerment of our members through education, regular savings and a variety of services in order to obtain economic independence.


    • To provide alternative savings and investment opportunities based on the Islamic principle of profit/loss sharing.
    • To encourage saving habits among low-income group of people and provide leadership to initiate investment ventures with an aim to earn additional income.
    • To participate in business venture based on the principle of profit/loss sharing with trust worthy and efficient entrepreneurs who have viable projects.
    • To run business or activities by the Club directly or by assigning partners in areas like agriculture, industry, construction and trade.
    • To promote small scale industries based on modern technologies with an aim to generate employment opportunities for the Club members or their relatives.
    • Any additional activities as decided by Club director board.

  • KDC

    Our Pledge

    KKMA Kidney Center project is a fully non profit initiative. Iin order to realize our dream, KKMA relies upon the financial contributions from kind personalities and organizations who have been always supporting our activities. Individual like you can make a difference. We expect that the required facility for setting up a Kidney Center is available free of cost provided to us by established hospitals and non profit social welfare organization in each location.

    The estimated cost for establishing one Centre to include three Haemodialysis machines and related expense will be Rs. 25,000,00. Each Haemodialysis machine cost about 6.5 lakh rupees. We humbly request you to be a patron of KKMA's KIDENEY DIALYSIS CENTRE project. If you would like to know more about your Kidneys and its functions, please view this presentation.

    According to recent studies, around five hundred thousand people in India currently suffer from kidney failure. Several thousand patients are being added to this figure every year. Of these only around 10,000 patients get some kind of treatment, which means majority cases go untreated. Lack of treatment leads to the death of around one hundred thousand patients every year due to kidney failure.

    The major bottlenecks in the field of kidney failure treatment were poor quality of dialysis, lack of infrastruture, low awareness level and absence of financial support. Therefore, KKMA has taken this humble initiative to set up various Kidney Dialysis Centers in India with an objective to attend to the well-being of needy people stricken with end-stage kidney disease and to provide them with heavily subsidized haemodialysis treatment.

    KKMA Initiative

    In view of expensive dialysis treatment not commonly affordable to lower income folks, Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association has taken an initiative to establish a number of highly subsidized and affordable dialysis treatment centre in Kerala State of India. This is a charitable initiative of KKMA aiming to help kidney failure patients from the lower income group to seek dialysis treatment at the lowest cost but at the most convenient location.

Membership Benefits

  • Family Benefit Scheme
  • Members Welfare Scheme
  • Educational Scholarship Program
  • Medical Assistance Program
  • Housing Improvement Program
  • Training & Development
  • Campaign and Seminars
  • Hajj & Umrah program
  • Religious Classes
  • Community Welfare activities
KDC Calicut
The first of its kind Center has been open in Calicut in the month of July 2006 in association with IQRAA International Hospital and Research Center.
KDC Trichur
A second center started functioning at Daya General Hospital in Trichur in the month of August 2007.
KDC Malappuram
The third of its kind Center has been open in Malappuram in association with Nadakkavil Hospital - Valanchery.
KDC Kankanady
The fourth of its kind Center has been open in Mangalore in association with Highlan Hospital - Kankanady.
KDC Kasaragod
The fifth of its kind Center has been open in Kasaragod in association with Care Well Hospital - Nullipady.
KDC Trivandrum
The sixth of its kind Center has been open in Trivandrum in association with Al Arif Hospital - Ambalathara.
KDC Kannur
The seventh of its kind Center has been open in Kannur in association with MM Hospital - Pappnisseri.
KDC Kottayam
The eighth of its kind Center has been open in Kottayam in association with Paret Mar Ivanios Hospital - Kottayam.
KDC Mangalore
The ninth of its kind Center has been open in Mangalore in association with St. Father Muller Hospital - Kankanady.
KDC Wayanad
The tenth of its kind Center has been open in Wayanad in association with MES Hospital - Wayanad.
KDC Kundapur
The eleventh of its kind Center has been open in Karnataka in association with Vinaya Hospital - Kundapur.
KDC Alappuzha
The twelfth of its kind Center has been open in Alappuzha in association with Al Huda Hospital - Haripad.
EDC Kannur
In 2015 KKMA has initiated establishment of an Early Detection Center in Kerala and by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have opened the first EDC in the city of Kannur in August 2016.